Things That I Like

Dermot & Ann-Karin: Folk-inspired duo that I sing in. Dermot plays classical guitar. We sound like ourselves but we are very much influenced by Joanna Newsom, Nick Drake, Tool, Placebo, Ane Brun, Kings of Convenience and more. We will try to record a single this year and hope to start performing again after a long summer holiday. Previously we have played at Halfmoon Unplugged, Village Underground and The Good Ship (Kilburn).

Halfmoon Unplugged, Putney: A great place to see up and coming artists, established artists and talented people perform. Every Monday Redvers and Natalie hosts a great bunch of musicians from 8pm-11pm. The atmosphere is great with tables, seats and candle lights.

Save The Arts: The British Government is suggesting a cut in their subsidies to the arts. Sign up so that this disaster can be prevented!

Numusic Festival, Stavanger: A super cool music festival in the beautiful city of Stavanger, south west coast of Norway. They present great artists and dj’s who are not always the mainstream that you will find playing at all the same festivals around Europe.

Dr Hauschka Skin Care: Ok, I have a vain side too. I swear to these products!

Cardinal Pub & Bar: One of my favorite pubs. It can offer a large selection of special beers from all over the world, currently about 500 different types! For all the beer lovers out there, go to Norway!

Punch! My own recipe for a nice, fresh punch (with or without alcohol):

  • 1 litre Red Grape Juice
  • 2 litre 7up or Sprite (it is not the same with lemonade)
  • Bacardi Rum (Optional, as much as you like)
  • Orange, sliced
  • Lime, sliced
  • Ice

It looks very decorative and tastes beautiful! Nice and easy.




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