Depressing future prospects – money is the clue (???)

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I’m looking for a new place to live. I’m a student, employed in two part-time jobs to make the ends meet. With my partner we’re trying to find a one bedroom flat that is cheaper than where we live now. Also there are other considerations, commuting possibilities, shops etc.
We have currently looked around at agencies and I was reminded by a whole procedure that we went through last year which begins with: money. I am guttered and demotivated by the fact that these high street agencies have taken over the letting market and completely suck out every single little penny from people. In most cases you only speak to your agency twice: Before you move in. When you move out. They all charge unreasonable admin fees. Not only that, sometimes an inventory check-out as well. In addition you are expected to be able to pay out 6-10 weeks deposit plus the first months rent.
The example breakdown will the look like this for say, a 1 bed flat, furnished, 950 PCM:

Admin fee: £200
Inventory check out: £95
Deposit, 8 weeks: £1314
First month rent in advance: £950

Total to pay before move in date: Approx £2500

They also run credit scores on you, employment references and full investigation of your financial position. Last year i had a big loan sitting on my account and only reason why I managed to rent a flat was by offering 3 months advance rent. I paid about £4000 before I moved into the flat!
And I was, and still am one of the most poorly financially positioned citizen next to those who are unemployed. I have no potential of applying for mortgage or loans. Who has got this kind of money available at the blink of an eye?
I am not eligible to take up a loan, let alone applying for an overdraft requires sufficient income.
So, here I am, 26 years old. I have lived on my own since I was 15 years old. I have paid my bills, monthly rent.
I am expecting my first child and yet, this system forces me to find a studio which can hardly fit the three of us (partner, baby and I) and conditions that are not suitable for a family.
I am finishing a degree in Business and Law next year and all that I see is that I wish I just didn’t go for higher education and instead worked my self up earning a capital that would allow me to provide my family with what we need.
The private market is there, barely, but less accessible and much fewer options.
I know most of us keep saying money is evil. But it is true. Apparently financial status equals reliability, which is not entirely the whole truth.
The students who have wealthy parents will probably sort themselves out facing few challenges. Whilst all the others who have worked hard for years and years just have to continue to settle with second or third best because there is no way in. Imagine looking for flats when you first move to UK! You need to have UK bank account, employer referees, UK guarantals, credit history… It just becomes such a protected marked, unavailable to so many. I am not prepared to move to a London council estate because I lived in one for two years and I want to bring up my child where I don’t feel scared to walk alone after dark. It was loud and full of dangerous dogs that were hanging from trees being trained to work on their grip or biting skills or something… Sorry to generalize, but that was my experience. I heard gun shots, shouting and arguing all night.
I thought by getting an education I was investing in my future. Turns out my loans are getting higher and jobs fewer. And prices increase.
It is going to take me probably 30 years to pay back my debts that even a decent-paid job will barely do. Mind you I paid international fees for three years.
Meanwhile, people at the same age as I are now well sorted with self-owned flats and houses. Paying down debts and will be done with that much sooner than I probably will. They have a good income. Perhaps not their dream job, but how many in our money-focused society can actually pursue their dream job? I’m prepared to do whatever job I can and then what is left of time after family and all, could be devoted to my interests. Family life is simply not easily doable working in the arts. Policies doesn’t exist, working hours are uncontrolled, often late. I went to a conference where it was brought up that women after their 30’s were hardly non-existent in the creative industries. The field was dominated by single women or women who had the opportunity to live their job.
Not to mention the amount of students who are let down of the possibility to gain work experience as all these internships offered are literally free labor, only available for the higher class who can afford to work for free. Also, free labor is actually illegal – and should be prevented, in the way that it is developing. It is not OK to wipe someones ass, full-time, for 6 months without getting matter how much you learn. You should be able to gain that knowledge and being paid for that. And it is not OK to create an even higher gap between classes, which is is the result of this.
There are so many systems that we think we need to comply with. Well, that is not entirely the truth either. A lot of work can be done by ourselves, it just requires a tiny bit more effort. We have to stop letting things just pass, queue politely and accept the current surroundings. I say hand’s up for riots! (i don’t support violence).
London is on one side such an attractive place to live and work as the opportunities seems endless. And it is such an exciting city with unique places to go and see. There are lots of green “lungs”, parks and tourist attractions. And the creative industries are majorly represented. But it’s becoming a love-hate relationship. Do I want to live in this city where people work themselves to exhaustion to survive and hardly ever have time to enjoy life, quietness and peace?
Observing people on their way to work, they are so agitated, aggressive and tired. They look literally pissed off. They seemed to feel bothered by the smallest thing. Everyone is so busy…too busy. It surprised me the other day how happy i had felt when someone smiled and had a little chat with me, a stranger. Human interaction! And it reminded me how easily we cocoon ourselves into our own little bubbles and put on our side-blinds.
We just keep tuning out, away from everything else. And these systems and rules we just accept only offers benefits for those who can afford to or who wish to sacrifice and compromise. For the rest, there is little flexibility or willingness to think differently.
We become remote-controlled.

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