I am not sure what to call this post

November 19, 2010 at 1:51 pm Leave a comment

It is very very frustrating sometimes not to understand and know everything at once…


A short look at costs and expences make me think: More, more, more and more!
Revenue streams: ??? Where, what, how?


How is it all going to add up….
I went to Kingston to see if someone could assist, unfortunately there was not so much to learn. It is all about the money! And also, what are we actually doing??

You usually think that in the desert you get lost, but I am sure that most of all you get frustrated…you can’t see the end!  All though, it is there..somewhere. Dare! Dare to take the risk! The oasis is waiting behind many many many miles of sand and even if the water is not what you expected, you’ll loose more by not drinking it…And then it is all the stuff about not reaching for the mountain top before you start to climb. Someone told me that when you climb a mountain you need to climb a little, then go down, climb a little further, then go back, climb further again, then go back and so on so that your body is prepared and knows what to expect next time around…eventually you’ll reach the white mountain top!

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