How To Save The World?

October 7, 2010 at 5:33 pm Leave a comment

Providing the public with important information can be a good start. One thing that I am very concerned about is how much stuff we buy despite the fact that we don’t really need it, especially clothes, shoes and accessories. I think that most of us have a wardrobe full of stuff we never use or sometimes doesn’t know that it even exists. A very handy place to put all of this stuff is clothes disposal bins or charity shops (most of them welcome donations). I have been trying to search online to find one web-page that could provide details of what possibilities I have for where to dispose unwanted stuff in my area or other places in the UK. I found information only on individual pages such as councils, charity shops and similar but none where all of the information was gathered. That’s a shame I thought so I created a web-page prototype called Clothes Disposal:

The set-up of the page is very simple: Top header, header menu, site content (right side), advertisement (left side) and footer. This stays the same for all the pages while the main content changes to the relevant information. The page includes information on disposal bins, charity shops, home collect service and other ways to dispose unwanted clothes and items. One can browse by area and postcodes in the whole of UK. There is also a link to Greener Living which provides information on what you can do in your live to promote a sustainable future.

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I was inspired by a class where Corrine introduced us to web page prototyping and it was indeed a great way to explore a possible layout and page orientation. Of course, it looks clumsy on paper but it was a lot of fun to make as well as you can just cut and tape when you do a mistake!

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