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Can I do business?

I always find it fascinating to analyze because it makes one think of things you never thought about before. I’m always sceptical to “over-thinking” and been fascinated by the experience of magic moments and coincidences (which might not be coincidences, but at least it is exciting to think so). But in the process of developing and producing a product, research or reviewing, I definitely see the necessity and benefit of an analytical process. Having to go in-depth, in my own work especially, can sometimes be a challenge for me as I am more comfortable about knowing a little bit of everything rather than in detail about one thing, which reminds me about musical analysis. I always found Schenkerian analysis interesting which can very briefly be described as a “reduction” model used to understand an overall structure, for example chordal, (which then allows for a deeper analysis of a piece of music). But, I do believe though that it is important to step out of a comfort zone and I am very excited and ready to be challenged for the coming year.

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A new blog! Virtual Reality: Defining Identity or Loosing It?

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